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Are you watching at the medical devices market?

ExiMed Premium Services

Improving or starting up your business in medical devices, PPE and healthcare products sale.

Now, it's absolutely easy.

Product and Supplier Research

We are a solid experience in purchasing area and we ensure an incessant development and improvement in technical and economics terms of supplies sources. we are committed to analysing the market around the suppliers  and being fully aware of their real potential in according develop medium-term arrangements and partnership.

we draft a purchase plane in accordance with the needs of our client.

Product development

We find out only the best solutions to carry out your own brand product.
We have many years of experience which ensure an extensive knowledge of the main markets.

Manufactures research

We are specialise in researching manufacturing companieson behalf o third parties


We offer full assistance for all the import
activities and delivery, monitoring the process from the factory to our
customer's depot.

Why medical devices?

Top 5 reasons to get into
medical devices sales

Current Projects


There are challenging times for all of us

and each of us has a role to playing in the fighting this virus. Those who are working in NHS, those doctors, nurses, porters, cleaners and ambulance crews. They're all doing an amazing job and are truly heroic in the part they are playing in supporting every one of us in our nation and through all over the world


What are we planning?

After an attempt view of the scenario we wondered about what might we do? we asked ourselves without hesitation, 

how can we improve  the medical supply community worldwide?

We had a big vision and we turned it into a project and then turn the project into small projects and those are going to be available in this website in few months.

PPE and

There is an unprecedented, global demand for personal protective equipment as a result of this pandemic. Pandemic influenza stockpiles are being organised worldwide, which included many types of PPE required to tackling covid-19, and new logistics networks have been established to manage supply and demand across the world, and to make sure appropriate PPE reaches those who need it.