4 Sector Side-Railswith Embedded Controls, Eletric Trend.


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The structure is constituted by a 4-section lying surface (3 jointed section + 1 fixed section in the center) with adjustable height, supported by a
system of a couple of independent compasses made of painted steel connected to a lower base in painted steel as well.
The modular elements ensure a trouble-free assembly and make the bed easily configurable for each type of department.
The controls are designed to assist operators in their activities allowing them to act promptly by the activation of emergency positions as
Trendelenburg and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).
The "VEGA" bed is characterized by its ergonomic capabilities designed in order to increase the safety and efficiency of patient mobilization.
The bed is fitted as standard with:
- 4 split side rails with tilt indicator (for Trendelenburg and backrest section);
- 4 inner/outer controls integrated in the two split side rails situated in the backrest area;
- Pair of head / foot boards easily removable made of POLYETHYLENE with centralized locking system;
- Amortized backrest release (CPR), through bilateral levers under the basin area;
- Auto regression of the backrest (rototranslation);
- Built-in rechargeable emergency battery that enables movement of the joints and the lift in case of no direct power of the network, complete
with bright control light for charging status situated in the control for the operator (ACP);

Dimensions:   L 217 / P 102 / H 40÷81,5 - 42÷83,5 cm

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